ORN Webinar – Looking ahead: What the public are telling us and how do we react?

2nd September 2020


In our role as Secretariat, ORNI facilitated an Outdoor Recreation Network Webinar entitled ‘Looking ahead: What the public are telling us and how do we react?’

The webinar provided a series of case studies exploring research from around the UK and Ireland on how people engaged with the outdoors during and after the COVID-19 lockdown – the benefits they gained, the barriers they faced, and the implications for outdoor recreation stakeholders going forward. The MC was Bel Dixon and insights were provided by Sport Ireland, Sport England, Natural England, 56 Design Insight and Outdoor Recreation Northern Ireland.

This webinar was kindly made available to the entire sector and was attended by over 160 delegates. In addition, the resources are available to the wider industry.

Content included:

  • Emerging trends in sport/physical activity and the outdoors in Ireland​ – Dr Una May, Sport Ireland​
  • Emerging trends in sport and physical activity in England​ – Delia Beck, Sport England​​
  • People and Nature Survey for England​ – Amy Greenwood & Beth Brockett, Natural England​​
  • Monitoring the impact of coronavirus and social distancing​ – Duncan Stewart, 56 Design Insight​​
  • Engaging with the outdoors in Northern Ireland during lockdown – Dr Elizabeth Rogers, Outdoor Recreation Northern Ireland​​
  • Staying Close to Home: Scots holiday trends post-lockdown​ – Jim Eccleston, 56 Design Insight

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Please note this webinar was presented live on 26th August 2020 and therefore should be taken in content of COVID-19 lockdown restrictions at that time.

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