Strategic Priorities

To achieve success, Outscape will focus on delivering the following strategic priorities:

1.  Championing the Outdoors

Aim: There is increased awareness of the benefits that outdoor recreation brings to individuals, communities and Northern Ireland as a whole and an increased focus on the importance of outdoor recreation within policy and practice at both national and local levels.

2.  Delivering Training and Sharing Best Practice

Aim: The outdoor recreation sector is better equipped to plan, deliver, manage and promote outdoor recreation initiatives to a high standard. There is an increasing focus on innovative, sustainable and participant-led approaches to outdoor recreation.

3.  Planning and Developing Quality Experiences 

Aim: A wide range of high quality, sustainable and participant focused outdoor recreation experiences allowing people to connect and engage with nature are in place across Northern Ireland.

4.  Increasing Awareness

Aim: A consistently high level of accurate information on outdoor recreation is widely available, leading to an increased awareness of outdoor recreation opportunities by both the local population and visitors to Northern Ireland.

5.  Widening, Increasing and Sustaining Participation 

Aim: The number of people participating in outdoor recreation in Northern Ireland continues to rise.

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