ORN Webinar – Returning Volunteers Safely

10th July 2020

In our role as Secretariat, Outscape facilitated an Outdoor Recreation Network Webinar entitled ‘Returning Volunteers Safely’ 

This webinar provided a series of case studies highlighting good practice approaches to returning volunteers to their roles following COVID-19 lockdown.

This live webinar was kindly made available to the entire sector and attended by over 120 delegates. In addition the outworkings are available to the wider industry:

Content included:

  • Overview of Key Issues – Pippa Langford, Natural England
  • New Challenges and Opportunities for Volunteers – Helen Connor-Walton, Forestry England
  • Protocols for returning non-visitor facing volunteers – Nick Hall, The Woodland Trust
  • Protocols for returning visitor facing volunteers – Jo Parry, The National Trust

Download Slides 

Download Q&A Transcript


Please note this webinar was presented live on 7th July 2020 and therefore should be taken in content of COVID-19 lockdown restrictions at that time.

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