Marketing Strategy, Planning & Delivery

Sorry  – but ‘build it and they will come’ simply doesn’t work!

Through years of experience we recognise that customer focused marketing is paramount to ensuring the success of products, event and services.

We have years of experience in launching new brands / products, refreshing existing brands / products and generating innovative ways to communicate with the customer.

Our marketing expertise is demonstrated by the success of our digital consumer platforms between 2012 – 2015:

  • 750,000 unique visitors to our websites each year
  • 275,000+ people viewed our online promotional videos (2014-2015 only)
  • 2 million people were reached through our social media channels (2014-2015 only)
  • £150,000 was generated via our e-commerce platforms

We also used our extensive PR knowledge and contacts to generate an equivalent advertising value of £13.85 million.

We recognise every client requires a different approach so whether you need a strategic roadmap, a specific plan and hands on delivery, get in touch with the Outdoor Recreation NI team today to discuss how we can guide you to success.

Case Studies