Launch of Clean Air Strategy Discussion Document

3rd December 2020


The Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) has launched a Discussion Document in advance of developing the first Clean Air Strategy for Northern Ireland. 

The Discussion Document presents evidence and research on a range of ambient air pollutants. It also outlines the current policy and legislation and the measures currently in place to control air pollution.  The Discussion Document poses questions around pollutant source activities, with the aim of promoting discussion and the exchange of ideas.

Clean air is crucial to each and every one of us and we can all do our part in improving the air that we breathe.  DAERA has produced a public Discussion Document designed to give stakeholders the opportunity to share their opinions on a wide range of air quality issues facing Northern Ireland by presenting the evidence followed by thought provoking questions.

This Discussion Document forms part of a two-stage approach to developing the first Clean Air Strategy for Northern Ireland.  All of the responses from stakeholders will be carefully considered and will be used to shape future policies for Ministerial consideration.

These policies will be included within the final Clean Air Strategy, which will undergo a further public consultation later in 2021.

The Discussion Document and Abridged version are available here

Please send any comments on the Clean Air Strategy Discussion Document to casni@daera-ni.gov.uk by 5pm on 15th February 2021.