DAERA – Environment Fund – Potential Capital Funding Call

28th May 2019


The Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) is currently seeking feedback to gauge if there sufficient interest in a Environmental Challenge Fund for capital projects.

DAERA suggests there may be an opportunity to secure capital funding this financial year (year ending 31st March 2020)

Feedback is required by Thursday 6th June 2019.  Please complete the table for each individual project and reply to Efgrants@daera-ni.gov.uk

DAERA has provided the following guidance:

  • We do not expect these to be fully formed projects – however the potential of delivery in the financial year must be realistic. This submission will not be assessed in any manner and you will not be held to it – we are seeking an indication to be able to shape any potential call for applications.
  • There is no associated programme funding – any staffing time and other programme costs would have to form part of your match funding for the project.
  • We are not expecting that there would be sufficient budget for any grant to be over £50k in any financial year however, if you have a project that would seek more than this, please inform us anyway.  A minimum total project cost of around £20k may be considered.
  • Funding will be provided on the basis of 50% DAERA grant with 50% match funding
  • 2019/20 – work that would be complete between October 2019 and 31 March 2020 – or 50% of the work (which would all have to be capital), with your (the applicants) match funding being spent in 2020. Cognisant of project design, planning permission, contract letting and any legal paperwork that would be required to complete the capital funding elements of the proposed project in any financial year
  • There is no need to submit a table for projects that are already identified for potential in-year funding in any offer you already have under the 2019-22 Environment Fund.

Types of project that could be considered:

1. Outdoor recreation creation – off-road routes where they provide a quality experience in the natural environment. For example:

  • Local path networks and extending off-road sections of the Ulster Way;
  • Improving accessibility for all – including path upgrades and replacing styles with accessible options;
  • Changing places or compostable toilets;
  • Land purchase.
  • Note that we do not fund creation of buildings.

2. Outdoor recreation data or mapping.

3. Land purchase – for habitat management or recreation

4. Other – you can suggest other projects relevant to the delivery of the objectives that were identified for the Strategic Strand of the Environment Fund