Support MyNI’s ‘Get into Nature’ Campaign

26th July 2020


Outdoor Recreation NI has partnered up with the MyNI Team in DAERA to help promote their new campaign – ‘Get into Nature’.

The ‘Get into Nature’ campaign aims to encourage people across Northern Ireland to get out into nature, enjoy it without damaging it, do what they can to help protect it and to be prepared for all conditions and events that may occur when out and about. The campaign also wants to help visitors build their outdoor skills and to provide the information they need to enjoy the environment they are visiting.

In recent days more and more people are responding to the latest easing of lockdown restrictions by visiting our forests, beaches and country parks. Therefore rolling out a campaign to encourage visitors to enjoy nature but at the same time to take care of it and not damage is very timely.

Over the next 7 weeks the campaign will be sharing useful hints and tips on the MyNI website and social media channels on how the public can make the best out of what nature has to offer including suggestions for less popular walking and cycling trails to avoid overcrowding at sites, how to dispose of waste properly and how to stay safe and be respectful of nature.

Outdoor Recreation NI is encouraging its stakeholders to help spread the word about the campaign by retweeting and sharing posts from MyNI to their followers. Links to each of MyNI’s social media channels are listed below.