Assessing the value of Ecclesville Forest as a green space

Client: Fermanagh & Omagh District Council

The Challenge

To undertake a study to assess the value of Ecclesville Forest, Fintona as a Green Space.

The Role

To deliver the following components:

  • Preparation of a preliminary report with background information detailing but not limited to
    • Context of Ecclesville as an green space, including green space needs, park deficiencies, site access arrangements, barriers to access to and within Ecclesville
    • Recreational function performed by Ecclesville
    • Structural role of Ecclesville in defining the local community
    • The existing and potential amenity value of the forest estate
    • Historical and heritage value of Ecclesville
    • Ecological and environmental roles performed by Ecclesville
    • The existing and potential educational value of Ecclesville to the community
    • The cultural role of Ecclesville e.g. as a community venue, event space etc.
  • Assessment of the level of need for Ecclesville as a green space based on objective demographic and socio-economic indicators
  • A Tree Condition Survey detailing the existing state of the whole forest, to include but not limited to; ancient woodland features, identification and recording of defective trees and mitigation priorities.
  • A Woodland Management Plan of whole forest to include but not limited to compartmentalisation of the forest with management and operational priorities with costs for next 5 years and beyond
  • Development of recommendations about the possible amenity options including, but not limited to
    • Possible amenity and recreational options within Ecclesville
    • Trail provision with reference to existing and potential future development for multi-use trails including recommendations for pedestrian, cycling and bridle pathways
    • estimated costs for the preferred option i.e. what it will take to develop the existing area (to include but not limited to, infrastructure such as paths, fencing and making safe trees) as well as the annual maintenance costs
  • Development of recommendations with regard to developing Ecclesville Forest as a holistic site to include amenity and, but not limited to
    • Heritage assets, with reference to conservation, care and access to existing assets; future proposed access to heritage assets; education and interpretation of heritage
    • Biodiversity significance of forest including but not limited to the pockets of ancient woodland and opportunities for how the forest can be managed in environmentally sensitive ways
    • Community Action Plan detailing, but not limited to, how the community can be best engaged to get the maximum use from their local green space and community involvement listing opportunities for encouraging community participation and acknowledging the community‚Äôs role in success of Ecclesville Forest as a green space.


Project Partners

Dr Philip Blackstock –¬†Independent Arboricultural Consultant