Donegal Outdoor Recreation Strategy

Man cycling down Tullan Strand with surf board under his arm.

Client: Donegal Local Development CLG. on behalf of the Donegal Local Community Development Committee/ Local Action Group

The Challenge

To prepare an Outdoor Recreation Strategy for Donegal which will aim to:

  • ensure outdoor recreation in Donegal is developed and managed in an environmentally sustainable and responsible manner
  • facilitate a greater awareness and understanding of the natural and cultural heritage of the landscape
  • nurture and support communities in realising the potential of place for the greater good of its people, visitors and the economy.

The Role

To deliver the following requirements through a combination of desk research, good practice benchmarking, fieldwork, and consultation (one-to-one and workshop):

Phase 1 – Audit and associated consultation processes will allow for a comprehensive and documented data audit of the existing, proposed and potential future for outdoor and associated recreational amenity in Donegal

Phase 2 – Development of a cohesive, achievable and action focused Outdoor Recreation Strategy for Donegal.

The outcomes of the two phased single stage process are as follows:

  • To provide a comprehensive dataset of 3 layers of information documenting and mapping:
    • all existing officially and unofficially recognized land and water based outdoor recreation activities, experiences and facilities in County Donegal
    • all proposed projects at pre-planning/planning stages or implementation in relation to outdoor recreation in County Donegal
    • any further potential to enhance and consolidate the recreational offering, thereby protecting the landscape, improving connectivity and the visiting experience in County Donegal
  • To outline a robust governance model and associated management framework to oversee the development and implementation of the Strategy in the first instance to 2028.
  • To produce a clear, action based and time bound Strategy to 2028 within an overall Vision to 2040 for Outdoor Recreation in County Donegal.