Downhill Demesne Spatial Masterplan

Client: Binevenagh & Coastal Lowlands Landscape Partnership Scheme

The Challenge

To deliver a spatial masterplan for Downhill Demesne through detailed research, consultation and fieldwork

The masterplan presented costed actions which over a five-year period will lead to:

‘better coordination, development and delivery of the outdoor recreation product within and around the historic Downhill Demesne, including better visitor flow, enhanced visitor services and improved connectivity between different parts of the estate and nearby settlements’

The Role


  1. Review the history of ownership and management of the historic estate concluding with an outline of current landownership, with accurate maps.
  2. Establish current patterns of visitor use and outdoor recreation activities which take place within the historic estate, including an assessment of visitor flows. Review connectivity between the different parts of the historic estate and nearby settlements, beaches and public transport.
  3. Conduct consultation to clarify public perception of ownership, identify barriers to access and use (both real and perceived) and suggestions on improving access and outdoor recreation opportunities, including how the estate’s management could be improved in future to facilitate enhanced access.
  4. Establish if there is capacity within and around the historic estate to accommodate a more diverse range of outdoor recreation activities and identify the potential for a range of outdoor activities to be offered and outline the feasibility of suggestions.
  5. Define the current outdoor recreation product on offer within the historic Downhill Estate, determine how effective the current outdoor recreation product is and whether there is scope for the three key landowners to work together to develop and deliver a more effective and sustainable product.
  6. Identify the relevant outdoor recreation associations, governing bodies and licensing arrangements (if any) for activities which could potentially be developed within the historic demesne.
  7. Establish the visitor services which are currently available within and adjacent to the estate and indicate additional visitor services (both public and private) which would be required to improve the outdoor recreation product.
  8. Provide a spatial masterplan (map and associated action plan) which could be delivered by a partnership of the key landowners, over five years, with support from the Binevenagh and Coastal Lowlands Landscape Partnership Scheme to provide a shared and improved outdoor recreation product within the historic demesne.