Feasibility Study for Aghalun Walkway (Brookeborough)

Client: Brookeborough & District Community Development Association

The Challenge

To asses the feasibility and in turn provide detailed design, to include drawings and costs, for the development of walk trail in Aghalun Forest, Brookeborough, County Fermanagh.

The Role


  • Ensure detailed design complements its natural surroundings while adhering to Principles and Standards for Trail Development in Northern Ireland,
  • Consider all the statutory requirements which the project should adhere to and outline how the recommended designs will meet the requirements
  • Demonstrate incorporation of structural and environmental standards into the design of the path
  • Consider the access arrangements onto the path including reference to Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) compliance
  • Provided recommendations on the need for site investigations, where relevant
  • Provided recommendations on any ecological/environmental impact studies required and outline the potential environmental impact of the project, negative or otherwise
  • Consider sustainability as part of the design proposals
  • Consider how the project is clearly focused and consistent with other nature conservation and environmental strategies
  • Provide a risk assessment exercise considering potential constraints on the project