Glas Na Braden Trails

glas na braden wood

Client: Woodland Trust

The Challenge

In 2021, Woodland Trust NI (WT) took ownership of Collinward in the Belfast Hills with the aim of transforming the site into new native woodland to be named Glas-na-Bradan Wood.  

Outscape will prepare trail construction prescriptions and tender options that will help towards upgrading the existing access road, access points, signage, gates and car parking as a first step to enhancing visitor services at the site.  

The proposed upgrade works will create a short, c.2.5km linear route to the summit (c.360m elevation). 

The Role

Step 1: Preparation of Trail Construction Prescriptions and Contractor Tender Documents 

 Furnished with the findings from the site walk through, Outscape will prepare construction trail construction prescriptions.
The sustainable design will be in line with the ‘Principles and Standards for Trail Development in Northern Ireland’ (Outscape, 2013) and take consideration of access arrangements relating to the Disability Discrimination Act. 

Step 2: Project Management  

Following the appointment of the contractor by WT, Outscape will continue to provide a project management and quality assurance role, comprising: 

  • Review of contractor detailed trail design 
  • Construction phase site visits – pre-start, interim and completion
  • Provision of snagging comments and recommendations