Gosford Forest Park Masterplan

Client: Armagh City, Banbridge & Craigavon Borough Council

The Challenge

To prepare a visitor focused masterplan including economic appraisal to inform the Council’s decision making regarding the phased future holistic development of Gosford Forest Park for both tourists and the local community.

The Role

Our role included:

Visitor Profiling

  • Identifying the best prospect customer segments including needs and motivations through consultation, cognisance of tourism strategies and best practice benchmarking

Brand Development

  • Developing an innovative and engaging brand concept for Gosford Forest Park
  • Producing brand guidelines to include a suite of signage including specifications and installation guide, mapping including OSNI guidelines and Visitor Safety in the Countryside Principles
  • Producing a Visitor Information Plan



  • Consulting with a range of relevant organisations and individuals including – (but not limited to) FSNI, NIEA, forest users and private sector operators
  • Developing a Spatial Masterplan for the Visitor Hub and wider Forest
  • Designing for a multi-use trail system within the Forest
  • Developing the concept for an iconic themed play trail


The final Masterplan sets out the recommended future layout of Gosford Forest Park. It is designed to allow for all elements to be developed at once or individually depending on available funding.  Priorities for phased development were outlined.

Key components of the project have since received funding and are currently being developed.

Project Partners

  • Forest Service NI (Landowner)
  • Pete Laing (Trail Design)
  • Cogent Management Consulting LLP (Economic Appraisal)