Lough Neagh Ramparts

Claire assessing the Lough Neagh ramparts.

Client: Lough Neagh Landscape Partnership (LNLP)

The Challenge


LNLP has commissioned Outscape to prepare an access report that will inform the development of a new trail along existing ramparts and laneways in the South West Lough Neagh area.  

This access project is part of a wider peatlands restoration project which has included a community engagement programme undertaken by LNLP staff in the area. 

The Role

Outscape will carry out the following:  

  1. Complete a detailed site inspection of the entire route and identify a series of route options for the proposed trail. 
  2. Identify and engage with landowners and provide recommendations for landowner access arrangements. 
  3. Consult with the local community and secure their commitment to the project. 
  4. Map the proposed route options and submit a rationale for the preferred option. 
  5. Produce a ‘construction prescription document’ including costing of trail construction, trail furniture, interpretation and way marking. 
  6. Map where all the trail furniture, way markers and associated interpretation will be located on the preferred trail option. 
  7. Provide details of four businesses who would implement the preferred route option.


This will all be carried out through several methods including but not limited to desk research, GIS mapping, field work and consultation. A Trail Prescription Document will be composed, and a final report produced.  


Project Funders

National Lottery Heritage Fund