Lower Bann Study

Client: Waterways Ireland

The Challenge

To undertake a study with the view to identifying the recreational and tourism potential along the Lower Bann Corridor.

We were asked by the client to evaluate what the opportunities for additional visitation and recreation might be and how to manage it, as well as what investment might be needed. The Lower Bann itself is the focus of our attention, but a mile wide corridor is also part of the study area.

The Role

The project was led by BTS with Outdoor Recreation NI assisting in a number of areas.

The overall project role was to undertake:

  • Examination of existing products and analysis of demand-side factors, through the completion of a Product Audit, and review of demand and tourism / recreation trends, relevant to the Study Area;
  • Analysis from a supply-side perspective, through the Production of a Map to define Environmental Constraints and to identify potential sites for product development in the Study Area;
  • Production of an Action Plan and timeline, scoped against individual local councils and/or regional Development Plans, to achieve the development of tourism, recreation and commercial products at identified locations within the Study Area. The action plan should also attribute responsibility and key actors to the delivery of key points within the plan;
  • Scoping of potential funding sources to enable any of the partners to take forward the initiatives and actions identified by the study.


Our role was to:

  • Provide GIS Mapping support to accurately record existing and potential tourism and recreation product / opportunities
  • Deliver environmental constraints mapping and analysis
  • Assist in the identification of potential funding sources


Project Funders

Waterways Ireland
Local Councils
The Honourable The Irish Society
Sport NI