Mid & East Antrim Outdoor Recreation Strategy

Client: Mid and East Antrim Borough Council

The Challenge

To develop an Outdoor Recreation Strategy and Action Plan which provides direction for the growth and development of outdoor recreation across the Mid & East Antrim Borough.

The Role

To provide a strategic framework which identifies key themes, along with an action plan to develop Outdoor Recreation in Mid & East Antrim over the next 10 years. The plan considers:

  • The current national and local outdoor recreation trends and strategic context relating to the economy, tourism, land use and funding.
  • The current economic value of visitors, bed nights, spend and economic benefits both direct and indirect associated with outdoor recreation activities across the borough as a baseline indicator for measuring future growth.
  • The role and relationships with our community partners and other key stakeholders, including Forest Service NI, NI Water, National Trust, Woodland Trust, private landowners (e.g. Glenarm Castle Estate) and any other relevant agencies or groups.
  • The current and future opportunities to improve our people’s health and wellbeing through outdoor recreation.
  • Analysis of opportunities to participate and ensuring equality.
  • The current and future strategic community engagement opportunities provided through outdoor recreation.
  • Appropriate land management planning in relation to a range of issues including access, environmental, biodiversity, countryside management, and ensuring any potential development is sustainable.