Mid Ulster District Council Countryside & Water Recreation Strategic Plan

Client: Mid Ulster District Council

The Challenge

To develop a comprehensive Countryside and Water Recreation Strategic Plan.

The Strategic Plan is a medium range plan that provides direction for managing and developing countryside and water recreation facilities, programs, infrastructure, resources, and investment over the next three year period to 2020. The Strategic Plan assesses the status of countryside and water recreation opportunities within the Council area and plans for a future that reflects the Corporate Priorities of the Council and needs of our visitors and community.

The Role

There were two stages to the development of the Strategic Plan

Stage One: Research and consultation

  • Carry out a desktop review of existing strategies applicable to the region
  • Inclusive consultation with residents, agencies/stakeholders, staff and Councillors to ensure incorporation of ideas and feedback into the Strategic Plan
  • Public survey – representative of Mid Ulster District Council population
  • Questionnaires – for distribution to stakeholder groups, user groups/special interest groups and staff
  • Countryside and Water Recreation Background Information – review, summarize, and provide key findings on background areas of countryside and water recreation.


Stage Two: Countryside and Water Recreation analysis and recommendations and development of an Implementation Plan

  • Analysis and proposed recommendations regarding countryside and water recreation provision
  • Development of an Implementation Plan with the inclusion of a summary of prioritised recommendations.