Mourne Park Trails

Mourne Park

Client: Woodland Trust

The Challenge

In 2021, Woodland Trust NI (WT) took ownership part of the Mourne Country Park estate comprising car parking, open parkland and ancient woodland which extends from the existing driving range down to the White-Water River.  

To enable the site to be opened to the public in Spring 2022, Outscape will upgrade sections of the existing estate road network and informal and formal walking trails to enhance access.  

The proposed upgrade works will create a short, formal, sustainable walking trail network (c.5km) extending from the driving range to the White-Water River and encompassing a ‘figure-of-eight’ across the river using the existing crossing points. 

The Role

Step 1: Preparation of Trail Construction Prescriptions and Contractor Tender Documents 

Furnished with the findings from the site walk through, Outscape will prepare construction trail construction prescriptions.
The sustainable design will be in line with the ‘Principles and Standards for Trail Development in Northern Ireland’ (Outscape, 2013) and will embrace the industry recognised guidelines within ‘Countryside for All Good Practice Guide: A guide to disabled people’s access in the Countryside’ Fieldfare Trust (2005).

Step 2: Project Management  

Following the appointment of the contractor by WT, Outscape will continue to provide a project management and quality assurance role, comprising: 

  • Review of contractor detailed trail design 
  • Construction phase site visits – pre-start, interim (2No.) and completion (snagging) 
  • Provision of snagging comments and recommendations