Pomeroy Forest Mood Board

Client: Mid Ulster District Council

The Challenge

To devise a concept / theme for Pomeroy Forest in order to provide a project of sufficient scale to have a transformative effect on the local area, as well as having a regional significance i.e. it should appeal to visitors from across Northern Ireland and border counties.

To depict the concept / theme within a multi-slide mood board which conveyed through benchmarked examples how the project can be delivered within the forest environment.  This element of the project focused on a potential £500,000 of capital investment within the forest and complimented the present plans for the Forest Building.

The Role

We engaged with creatives from Little Thunder Co. to develop an innovative concept theme for Pomeroy Forest.  This allowed us to compile a mood board incorporating:

  • Spatial Plan incorporating architect concepts, visitor flow, trail heads, trails, location of animation within trails
  • Concept Theme Portrayal – based on output from Little Thunder
  • Relevant bencmarked examples of :
    • Signage
    • Trails
    • Natural Adventure Play
    • Augmented Reality Trail
  • Indicative Costs

Project Partners

Little Thunder Co.