Signature Walks Framework

A man and women walking across the top of a greenspace next to a large rock.

Client: Tourism Northern Ireland

The Challenge

To undertake the preparation of a framework and criteria to inform the development of ‘Signature Walks’ in Northern Ireland.

In 2019, TNI launched a new tourism experience brand, Northern Ireland Embrace a Giant Spirit. This brand seeks to transform how potential visitors perceive Northern Ireland, how they experience it when they arrive, and what memories they share when they leave. All involved are ambitious for what it can achieve in delivering economic benefit for Northern Ireland. It has been tested locally and with key international markets to ensure it gives Northern Ireland prominence on the island of Ireland and internationally.

TNI envisage the development of a compelling proposition for ‘Signature Walking Routes’ will allow waking to become aligned with the Embrace A Giant Spirit brand.

Any future development needs to be considered within the context of sustainable development. This project should therefore consider how signature walks may enhance the tourism potential of the Northern Ireland and improve the visitor experience without detracting from its unique culture and environment.

The Role

Create a development framework for Signature walking in Northern Ireland including:

    • Create a criteria for inclusion in the signature walking series
    • Identify strategic walking routes across key areas, suggest 6-10 walks that could be used
    • Pilot one walk through the process to use as a showcase example
    • Make high level suggestions to outline potential investment required for the series

Staff Lead: Aideen Martin and Gemma Lyttle