Sliabh Beagh Feasibility Study

Blue skies above green grassland with stone monument.

Client: Monaghan County Council lead partner alongside FODC and MUDC

The Challenge

Multi-Disciplinary Team of Tourism, Environmental & Planning Consultants to undertake a feasibility study on specific themes to develop Sliabh Beagh as an Eco-tourism destination.

The Role

Covering an area of some 250 square miles, Sliabh Beagh straddles the national borders of Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, spanning from Monaghan in the south to Fermanagh in the west and Tyrone in the north.

its treasured natural quality and beauty comprises rolling blanket bog, windswept moorland, expansive woodland and tranquil lakes all of which underpin the quality of life for those that live in the region and enjoy its history, cultural tradition and legends.

Working as lead in a Multi-disciplinary team focusing on recreation, art and design, signage and interpretation, tourism, ecology and engineering, it is our role to identify opportunities to help develop the area as a destination with a fantastic welcome and unforgettable ecotrousim experience.

Staff Lead(s): Diane Crookes, Karen Coulter, Philip Weston

Project Partners

  • The Paul Hogarth Company
  • CHL Consulting Limited
  • Flynn Furney Environmental Consultants
  • McAdam