BOSS Toolkit

24th January 2020

Summary of BOSS Project (Benefits of Outdoor Sports for Society)


At an EU level there is no agreed mechanism for measuring the social benefits of sport including outdoor sport in economic terms. The BOSS (Benefits of Outdoor Sport for Society) project partners identified this to be a significant gap in the evidence base for outdoor sport. A strengthened evidence base could provide new opportunities for investment by both health and social service agencies in delivering preventative Health Enhancing Physical Activity in natural spaces, rather than adopting the traditional method of focusing investment on curative approaches.

This unique project supports increased participation in Health Enhancing Physical Activity in the outdoors through publicising an evidence review on the benefits of outdoor sport and developing and testing a framework for evidencing the economic value of the recognised social benefits derived from outdoor sports.

The project has adopted a multi-disciplinary approach involving world leading academic institutions, both central and local government agencies, federations and practical deliverers, to ensure its credibility in development and practicability in delivery.

This toolkit provides a guide for anyone who is developing or managing outdoor sports to show the impact of that project or programme. The toolkit provides a framework to follow through a staged process.

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Video: Benefits of Outdoor Sports for Society