Dog Fouling – Talking About the Poo-blem

22nd February 2022

On 22nd February 2022, we hosted an online webinar titled Dog Fouling – Talking about the poo-blem.

We’d like to thank our speakers for doing such an amazing job on the day and providing us with some really informative and thought provoking presentations.
Special thanks to Stephen Jenkinson for his contribution to the webinar. His expertise is incomparable and we could have discussed the various sub-topics for days given the chance. We hope to have Stephen back even more times in the future to share his knowledge about the wonderful world of dogs in the outdoors.
Thanks to Sinead Sargent for sharing how Mid and East Antrim Borough Council have adopted the Green Dog Walker Scheme. There were some really great points in there and some great quotes: ‘Leave only pawprints’ and ‘we want a borough that is clean and not just cleaned’.

The full set of resources will be available to attendees online for a minimum of 3 months and then it will be shared with a wider audience.