Managing Visitors with Dogs post COVID

22nd October 2021

‘Managing Visitors with Dogs post COVID‘ was an ORNI Webinar presented in October 2021 featuring guest speaker Stephen Jenkinson. With dog ownership up 47% during the pandemic this webinar will provide a good foundation for knowing how best to manage visitors to outdoor sites who bring their furry companions.

With over two decades of experience in this area across the UK and Ireland, Stephen Jenkinson (Director of Access and Countryside Management) will introduce participants to high level concepts as well as practical on-the-ground good practice on many relevant issues.

Delegates who attended the webinar will have exclusive access to the full webinar recording until the New Year. Then it will be available to everyone.

Presentations and Resources:

Stephen Jenkinson

Clodagh Duffy

Patricia Deane

Kerry Kirkpatrick, #RightSideOfOutside