Trail Impact Surveys 2020

11th November 2021

Outdoor Recreation NI partnered with 56 Degree Insight to design an Impact Survey for new trails. A key metric within the Impact Survey is a valuation of the Social Return on Investment (SROI) which is a standardised and recognised framework for measuring non-financial benefits. Our approach focuses on the return on investment from the path user’s perspective (i.e. those who walk, wheel, cycle or ride on the route) by considering benefits relating to physical health, wellbeing, environment and education/ learning.

One of three sites where the Impact Survey was piloted was Ballynahinch Rugby Trail. The key findings are illustrated below and further information on the measures used, rationale for approach, and results from all the pilot sites are available in Method for New Trail Impact Surveys.

Infographic of trail impact survey relating to ballynahinch rugby trail


Click below for Impact Survey findings for: