Venture Outdoors – Creating Healthy Communities

8th April 2012

The ‘Venture Outdoors Creating Healthy Communities’ project, was our own initiative which started in 2009 and reached completion in 2014.The aim of the project was to address the barriers limiting the use of the outdoors by three underrepresented communities namely, those with a disability, those from minority ethnic communities and those living in areas of high social need.

The project produced a number of useful toolkits available to download at the bottom of this page.

Making Outdoor Activities Accessible Additional information
A document on Language Guidelines for those Working with People with Disabilities

Making Outdoor Activities Accessible
A toolkit to assist providers of outdoor recreation in delivering accessible outdoor activities to people with disabilities

Community Toolkit to Success ‘Writing Successful Funding Applications’
A toolkit for community groups to assist them in writing successful funding applications for outdoor recreation activities and programmes

Community Toolkit to Success ‘Planning Outdoor Activities’
This toolkit has been developed to assist leaders and volunteers from community groups to plan successful outdoor activities and events

Channels to Effective Communication
A toolkit to highlight the most effective communication channels for sharing information on inclusive outdoor recreation opportunities for people with disabilities, minority ethnic and disadvantaged communities

Creating Accessible Websites and Publications
Toolkit to create websites and print publications which are accessible to people with disabilities, minority ethnic and disadvantaged communities wishing to avail of information on outdoor recreation

Accessible Walks Scheme
Toolkit to inform Land Owners and Managers about walk accessibility standards in Northern Ireland, with regards to existing routes and developing new routes